Artist Websites

Artists want to focus on being artists, and show their work, and show it well. That means showing on the web as well, which is where we come into the picture to help you show your best. Proper presentation online is really valuable to artist and audience, and an effective website lets the world see and share so much more outside the limited window of gallery exhibitions.

Of course as an artist you want to work with someone who understands art and artists, and what tones and saturations and composition and values are, and how they come across on a screen. You've come to the right place here: we always want to let the work speak for itself, but that still requires discretely creating an appropriate stage and lighting, and then getting the audience there to see for themselves.

A particular challenge of artist websites is the need to show a lot of images, because these can cause a very slow website, leading to people losing patience with page load times and just clearing off without having a good look. This is even worse on mobile due to slower network speeds, and mobile is crucial as people often share pictures when chatting about art.

Do people buy art on the web? Possibly not, at least with paintings people understandably prefer to see something in person first, to see the texture and the true colours - but they may want to re-visit this later online, or afterwards buy the item online, or see, share and discuss it with someone else via the website, or even send it as a gift. More importantly, people discover art on the web beforehand and then decide who or what to go and see. So at this pre-shopping stage you want to be there for them to find, and find easily, and follow up on an artist website that works well on all devices and loads quickly. Is someone discovering you on their phone on a train?

Limited edition artists' prints can sell online, and larger editions of replica prints such as giclee prints and lithographs. Artists also may use their websites to showcase courses and workshops, exhibitions, newsletters, and availability for commissions, or just write about what inspires them.

It's all about showing yourself in your best light, even in the post-shopping phase, when a work is on someone's wall and people and their guests want to know more about the artist and their creations, or tell their friends. Or go and see some more themselves.

In many cases grant funding can apply to professional artist websites - please do check with us about this.