Web Accessibility

Accessibility on websites means everyone can use them, and no one is excluded. Web Accessibility also means complying with UK disability and discrimination law, or the standards of other nations such as the USA's strict 518. These laws are there to ensure everyone can access services, even without using a mouse or screen, and in fact people with disabilities actually make greater use of the web than others do. Our site meets the accessibility standards set by the international web standards body W3C, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

When sites are not web accessible that may not be readily visible, no matter how smart the site looks. On inaccessible sites some users will not be able to navigate, or will not find the content comprehensible, or will be unable to read the text clearly, if at all. Such a site can be difficult or even totally unusable for them, so they give up and leave in frustration and feel excluded and possibly also complain to others. For these reasons objective standards and measures for accessibility have been established and published, and need to be observed.

Our site currently achieves the full AAA standard set by W3C, where A is the required minimum for any site and AAA is the recognised highest standard. We are also using what is now called a Responsive Design which varies page elements and layouts on different sized devices to display well, so it may intentionally appear different on your other internet devices. If you should have problems or issues here we would like to hear from you so please do contact us.

Its actually quick and easy to test a website online to see the accessibility results for yourself, and you can constructively report websites with accessibility problems at FixTheWeb.net. Surprisingly for SEO, the very features of good website design and structure that deliver accessibility to human visitors also vastly improve the access and appreciation of search engines, which are in effect deaf, dumb and blind as they crawl around the web looking for clues.