Web Presence That Works

First impressions matter. When they happen on the web your website needs to perform, and work quickly and smoothly so visitors find what they are looking for. A site also needs to work well with search engines, who began preferring mobile-friendly sites from 2015 and https ones from 2017, so competition is always just a click away. We're here to help.

First impressions can be very different for those with limitations of vision or movement, different colour vision or no vision at all, as well as for visiting search engines. And of course it all looks different on a smartphone, tablet or tv. Where do you start?

Tasty work with you to establish your goals, needs and budget and plan the best solution for you now and into the future, carried out by a trained and qualified professional. All of our work is very mobile-friendly, and a package can also cover choice of domain name, hosting, your legal obligations in running a site, copywriting and editing, multilingual, maps, email, QR barcodes, and what SEO search terms to target.

New to this? We walk you through it, with clear explanations and support at every stage. Naturally we also offer website maintenance, repair, redesign, theming, updates and upgrades to keep you ahead!