Words, Editing and Copywriting

Words are gold. They say someone with a silver tongue can sell snow to the eskimos and probably even sign them up for travel insurance and air conditioning as well. So if you have a dictionary does that make you rich? No, it takes a wordsmith to shape words into wares, which are ways to get people where you want them. On the internet people read differently, often rapidly skimming pages and hunting out highlights.

The biggest delay to website production tends to be the client providing the text content, as people procrastinate and wrestle with the unwanted work of wording. Writer's block becomes a roadblock and empty pages aren't attracting anyone, and it's all going nowhere, slowly. Sometimes help is needed, not least of all to ensure that sites are attractive to search engines as well as the lucky people we want to reach.

Effective text presents your good points in a way that gets people interested and leads them to take the next step towards you. Success and failure are a click apart, so your content needs to be clear, consistent, correct, well-presented, and appropriate. And attractive and persuasive. And easy to read. And enjoyable too!

So we will gladly write, edit or just suggest improvements to your website texts for a reasonable fee. In other words, we make you sound good as well as look good.

Please note that these services are English language only. For German - English and English - German translations we recommend the highly experienced HETranslations.uk particularly for German technical translation and technical texts and sustainability issues.